These 100% cotton scarves are expertly woven by hand for a unique texture that securely grips to the most silky soft hair without slipping, even when sleeping. The sheer open-net weave is very light weight and comfortable to wear because it allows air to pass through. They can be worn as neck scarves and even full cover head wraps on warm days. Various uses include Neck Scarves, Shawls, Head Wraps, Hair Scarves, Turbans, Waist Sashes, Shawls, Head Ties and Bandanna Head Covers. 

WASHING INSTRUCTION: Handmade items are best dry cleaned, or hand washed with mild soap such as shampoo. Never soak or use harsh soaps. Machine washing and drying causes damage, color loss, and shrinkage. Briefly rinsing this item in a solution of four parts cold water to one part salt or vinegar will help fix colors permanently. After washing gently by hand, lay flat to air dry.

Handmade Headwrap/Scarf/Shawl

  • Handmade items may vary according to the whim of the Artisans who made them. The item you receive may not be exactly the same as those pictured here. Blue Multi, Turquoise